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SEC, CFTC To Testify On Cryptocurrency Before Senate Banking Committee

I love Litecoin ATMs. If I ever buy back my LTC, I will use ATMs. It's going to cost me a fortune though! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

The BitShares Lifetime Member fee has been reduced to only 110.8 BTS from 1457 BTS.
A lifetime membership gives you an 80% discount on trade fees and allows you to earn BTS on referrals you make.

Like I've said, I don't control when companies release news. Asking me daily won't make it happen faster. And the news might not even move the price.

So, instead of asking me to increase the LTC price with announcements, ask yourself what you can do to help Litecoin adoption!

@binance_2017 reopens registrations to referred users. You can create an account with this link =>

#ARK got a mention in a peer-reviewed paper recently accepted and published on #IEEE #Explore.

$ARK #blockchain #crypto #opensource #cryptocurrency #eductx #education #academics #university @ieeexplore

Desktop Wallet Update released! Version 1.5.0 has been released with new features, bug fixes, new language support, and much more! Click update in your wallet or download from
$ARK #ARK #blockchain #walletupdate #development

Transactions are ultra-fast and zero-fee on the Steem blockchain!

This morning we excluded some Korean exchanges in price calculations due to the extreme divergence in prices from the rest of the world and limited arbitrage opportunity. We are working on better tools to provide users with the averages that are most relevant to them.

Seeing how people lost trust because I sold makes me more convinced that it was the right move. Litecoin was too centralized and dependent on me. Eventually, for Litecoin to succeed, I need to step away. But I promise I won't do that until I've helped LTC climb back past the ATH.

Over $12B worth of LTC has been sent in the last 24hr. That's almost 95% of its marketcap. See how this stacks up against the other coins. Litecoin IS the payments coin!

Given sufficient popularity, every blockchain will fail to scale. It's how each crypto community reacts to these stressors that will make all the difference.

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